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coffee ice cream w/ chocolate violet wafer

Posted in 38, notebooks & gluesticks with tags , , on November 2, 2011 by ana

For the last two months I’ve been making all the deserts at the restaurant where I work. The photograph above is of one of the first ice creams I made. Ice creams are my favorite thing to make. But in truth, I’m energized, inspired, and excited by all of it. Every time I bake I get better at it,  the learning curve is so high. Making desserts is an exercise in patience. Rushing or trying to make too many things at once always ends in disaster. And each and every time I’m amazed at how simple basic ingredients like eggs, milk, and sugar turn into delicious things rather magically with a whipping and some heat or freezing.

It almost seems a no brainer that I’m loving all the baking and ice cream making. I have always had a sweet tooth. I’ve never given making sweets too much thought because growing up I had so many conflicting messages about it, or perhaps because my last true attempt at baking, before this new chapter, resulted in me singeing half my eyebrows. It’s different now. I love having the empty restaurant all to myself and disappearing into the flour and sugar. I love watching basic ingredients turn into more than the sum of its parts. I find myself thinking of taste and texture more methodically and inquisitively. I think I am falling deeply in love.