Julie & Julia is on again so I’m watching it. It seems these days it’s either comedies, eighties movies or PBS. Just today I was thinking again about people who find their paths what seems like magically. Fate somehow finds them and they finally fall into place. Julie Powell came to mind as did a young, weepy Sophie Dahl, and an older Julia Child. How does one find one’s destiny? Maybe I’m a fool believing that I will find mine or that it will find me. How do people become who they are meant to be?

There are so many things troubling my mind and heart. Yet, I feel, I hope that there is a reason for all this. That I will find my way and feel true stability, true love, true devotion to a passionate, creative cause. I see women all the time that write blogs, who live creative lives, who are creative moms- nothing huge, just plain simple day to day inspired living but nothing has fully ever clicked for me, there is a thirst in me. So, I just write because right now this blog seems like my only true connection to my cause.